WK3 Vocab


A device that allows light to pass



Automatic mode

Th camera takes the photo with just a click of a button




A hole through which light travels



Scene modes

A list of modes to be used in various situation



Programmed mode

gives you a few more basic controls then automatic




The amount of light per unit area




When a photo has loss of highlights or detail




When a photo has loss of shadow deatail



Shutter-priority mode

Allows user to choose shutter speed



Aperture-priority mode

Allows the user to choose the specific aperture value while camera select shutter speed to match



Manual mode

gives the photographer control



image sensor

A device that converts an optical image into a electronic signal



The indication of how sensitive a film is to light



Depth Of Field

The distance between the nearest and farthest objects




A combination of both resolution and acutance




it is the opening that lets light into your camera




A device that transmits and reflects light


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