WK2 critique

The center of interest in the first photo would be the man chopping the meat. The man’s face is in the upper left corner of the frame. I think the photographer did a good job of showing everything important in the photo and not any unneeded elements. I believe the background adds to the message of the photo seeing as its a butcher shop. The whole photo is in focus and it is also black and white I would agree with this as it gives the photo a solemn look to it. I can’t say I really get the message from the photo maybe it’s about how to eat meat you have to kill something but  you can tell its not exactly a happy image either. If I were to take the shot I most likely would have had the man in action showing that hes cutting it.

I believe the center of interest for the second photo would be the building in the lower half of the frame. The photo itself seems to have a little to much room of nothing there at the top though. There isn’t really a background though. The whole photo is in focus but there really is only one thing in the photo so even if it was out of focus you would still see the same thing. I don’t really see a message in the photo other then a nice picture of a building. If I were to take this shot i would most likely take it from a front view instead of looking up from the bottom.

The center of interest in the last picture is the man hitting the baseball. He is more towards the middle left. He got the man in perfect focus but the people in the background are a little to in focus. The background doesn’t really add to anything it actually draws attention away from the point of interest. The photo is in good lighting and focus though it probably could have put the background in less focus. I enjoy how this photo is an action image and shows the man playing the game, however if I were taking the picture I would have blurred out the people in the background.


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