WK4 photo techniques


  The first one has horizon lines in it, it shows the sun comming over the trees. As well as selective focus for all the boats are blurred in the background. Leading lines are from the sunbeam leading towards the sun. And rule of thirds cause the suns in the upper left.

The second one uses lighting to light up the background, and grouping with all the water drops. It uses rule of thirds as the shadows are in the lower half of the photo, and balance it is unbalanced because the dark shapes are very different sizes.

The third one uses rule of thirds as your gaze is drawn to the upper left, balance as it is almost symmetrical, leading lines with the ropes, and focus as you cannot see the background.

The last one uses grouping with all the boats, rule of thirds on the middle line, lighting towards the middle it highlights some of the boats, and balance as it is also almost symmetrical.