WK8 Color Spot

hot air ballons spot color Red feild color spot plane color spot bald egale


wk7 historical photographs

The Hindenburg photo was taken in Lakehurst, New Jersey by Murray Becker in 1937. The Hindenburg was the  last great passenger zeppelin, and the first aircraft to provide regularly scheduled airline service between Europe and North America. However on May 6th 1937 while landing in Lakehurst it spontaneously burst into flames and was completely destroyed 97 people were killed. In this photo the center of attention would be the blimp caught on camera as it burns to the ground. All the extra water is probably a wasted part though seeing as how it serves no purpose. Other then the water the background adds quite nicely to the photo, all the smoke and fire really shows how much destruction is being cause by the flames. Since its a historic photographic and was taken at the sight and time of the event I’d say that the photo is nicely exposed. I wouldn’t say this is an emotional picture because there’s no people or anything to show, sure there’s destruction but there’s nothing to make you feel for it. This was an important American event, not only were almost 100 people killed but it was a big deal, it was the first ever vehicle for air travel on time and it randomly burst into flames, there wasn’t even anyone to blame. This picture isn’t to moving to me seeing as how I wasn’t there but it definitely makes me curious to see why it caught fire.

V-J day in times square was taken on August 5, 1945 in New York city by Alfred Eisenstaedt. It shows a sailor passionately kissing a women in a white dress. There isn’t to many “wasted parts” in this photo, I mean you could crop it but honestly it’s fine the way it is. I believe that the background adds to the picture, you can see the crowds smiling in the background, it obviously gives them hope. The photo is nicely exposed, giving no more or less then needed. I’d say this is a very emotional picture, the timing is right after the victory in Japan so you can guess that he was in the fight , having made it back alive when he probably thought he’d die he runs and gives the girl he loves a big kiss good-bye (Oh how romantic!). The smile on everyone’s face tells the whole story. You can clearly see that their thinking “This is what we fight for”. This picture is important because it shows everyone who is in the army what their fighting for, hope, love, however you want to put it, it puts a smile on people’s faces and lets them know that true love does exists. I love this picture, it makes me feel happy by letting me see that even after a war good things can happen, no matter how bad it has been things will look up.

Snake river was taken in 1942 by Ansel Adams, at snake river (obviously). It shows the river winding down from the mountain across the countryside. No, seeing as how is a landscape photo i’d say that nothing is wasted because its all part of the land, the lighting is really nice too. The background really adds to the picture showing the beautiful trees and valleys. The photo is really nicely exposed, the clouds let the sun rays shine through on one side of the mountain but shade the rest, and it’s all natural (bonus). I wouldn’t really say it’s emotional, although it could be considered calming, its nice and peaceful but there’s nothing in it to make any strong suggestions of any certain emotions or messages the photographer was trying to get across. Maybe because it’s pretty although others have been taken this is really well centered and has a nice balance. I like this picture, it seems like the type that would be on a poster that I would hang on my wall and look  at when I get sleepy. It’s beautiful and calming a great picture that makes me want to travel there and see it for myself someday.

WK6 Mona Lisa

1. The lighting is good as well as the background and pose, those three things are also needed in a good photo as well as portrait.

2. I would have them stand against a plain background so that they would stand out more and there would be nothing distracting to the eye.

3.The pyramidal composition is used to draw the person’s eye up from the thicker base to the thinner top where her face and smile are.

4. The background is important, it gives the viewer something more, it givs a setting to the paintg so you get a better feel of the mood. If behind Mona Lisa was an alien invasion instead of a peaceful countryside the whole thing would have seemed a lot different.

5.A shadow outlines the important spots on a painting, like how the outline her face, this draws the veiwers eye to the brighter spots on the canvas making for a prominent focus point.

6.Clothes are another element that can be a real distraction in a portrait. Take a lesson from Leonardo and use clothes that fit with the subject and give them context – but which don’t distract your viewer.

7.two columns

8. With the columns missing there is nothing to frame Mona Lisa and say that she is without a doubt the main point of this painting