WK12 Cafeteria

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This is the story about a chair who is surrounded by others just like him and so felling at loss he goes and  trys to find someone different  from him that he fits in with, and he does.

In the first photo I used a lot of different lighting to make it look peaceful and cheery, however I didn’t use rule of thirds very much and the background is a little distracting.

In the 8th photo left it slightly darker to show the cautiousness of it all. This is the moment where the chair sees the desk for the first time and is unsure. There is a little to distract the viewer but not much.

And in the last photo the chair has found what he was looking for and is happy. I photoshoped a heart into it to add a little extra to the mood. I have most of the stuff on the left side except for the heart, o there is not much in the lower right corner, but altogether I think it looks cute.

My personal favorite is the last on, number 10, because of how the light swirls around the subject giving it a cheery mood and with the added effect of the heart makes it so much more cute. :3


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