Wk1 media I used

7:30-facebook: side adds

7:30-news: commercials

10:30-news paper: coupons & printed adds


2:30-youtube: addvertisments

2:40-google: side adds

3:00-yahoo: adds every where

3:30-5:00-games: pop up adds


All the media I used, news, facebook, news paper, games, signs, email


Leading lines Picture questions

1)  Q:What are the leading lines in this picture?

A: The leading lines in that picture would be the peer’s wooden logs and the ship’s sail poles.

2) Q:Does this picture represent the rule of thirds effect?

A: Not really, if there was a focus point my guess is that it would be the peer. If it was then yes the picture would have rule of thirds in the upper right hand of the picture.

3) Q:What horizontal lines can you describe?

A: There is a horizontal line, it’s the water line. It is like a mirror reflecting everything back.

Finals critique


This is my favorite photo that I took this semester. It’s taken at a nice angle and has nice lighting, however it does not use the rule of thirds as much as I would have liked to. The lights of the Christmas tree not only give off nice lighting but they also work as leading lines as peoples eyes are drawn to the light. It does not have any symmetry or balance. The simple tree background works to frame the ribbon as well. It does not use grouping and only has slight selective focus. Altogether it looks nice, simple, and gives off a festive mood.