WK5 Social media

  1.  Facebook is the leading social media site in news. Followed closely by Youtube and Twitter.
  2. The majority of users spread the news by re posting the video, image or story. However others will talk about it, or post their own video or picture of a news worthy event.
  3. Most people discover the news by using a social media site, the site will have a link or some information about a topic and from there the user can choose weather or not they wish to learn about it.
  4.  On Facebook the most viewed subjects are entertainment, events in a community, or sports; the least viewed however is business.
  5. People however still prefer to talk about the news in person rather then over social media.

WK5 keizer times

Things I Like:
The format, its simple, when you log on you see the title then the main story
The easy to see subcategories, if I want to read up on a specific subject I can get to it easily
The search bar, if I want to read a specific article now I don’t have to go looking for it

Things I think they could improve:
There are a lot of adds very close to where I need to click if I want to read an article
If you click on a sub category how small anything is
The only school that gets a specific subcategory is MkNary

WK4 workshop

Discipline: The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

Punishment: The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense

You broke the rules there for I have to discipline you, and I have decided that your punishment shall be to do 100 push-ups

Drill:  Instruction or training in military exercises.

Order:   An authoritative command, direction, or instruction.

Order! Order, stay in your lines, don’t panic, there is a fire, this is not a drill.

1). a. Watercolor Wedding Dresses: Pretty Much the Most Romantic Thing a Bride Can Walk Down the Aisle In
b. Relevance: only if your getting married  Location: only if they want to buy it  Importance: No               Timeliness:  happening now  Fame factor: No   Story: it does invoke emotions   Weirdness: yes   Conflict: no    Discovery: a fashion discovery yes   Usefulness: on where to get one   Other: it is a nice story for a magazine
c. website :http://www.glamour.com/weddings/blogs/save-the-date/2015/02/watercolor-wedding-dresses-gowns

2). a. The Top Three trip-offs on Valentine’s Day
b. Relevance: yes Valentines day is coming up   Location: Everyone celebrating Valentines  Importance: yes   Timeliness: Yes happening soon   Fame factor: It’s a holiday  Story: no   Weirdness: no   Conflict: no   Discovery: not really   Usefulness: yes   Other: its very helpful
c. Website: http://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/2015/02/12/23298675/

3).a. Timeline of ethics issues Gov. Kitzhaber
b. Relevance: yes   Location: yes, its local   Importance: yes its important   Timeliness: yes its happening now   Fame factor: yes political figure   Story: not really   Weirdness:would be the first Gov. to resign in over 30 years   Conflict: yes   Discovery: no   Usefulness: not really   Other: none
c. Website:  http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/politics/2015/02/13/timeline-ethics-issues-gov-kitzhaber/23337909/

4).a. Friday the 13th: What you need to know
b. Relevance: Yes   Location: yes   Importance: not really   Timeliness: the 13th is soon   Fame factor: kinda        Story: no   Weirdness: Its fun   Conflict: could be   Discovery: no   Usefulness: not really   Other: to pass the time
c. http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/02/13/friday-13th-origins-facts-unlucky-christianity/23298343/

5).a. Grand Canyon wolf confirmed as same animal shot dead in Utah (photos)
b.Relevance: not really   Location: In Utah   Importance: not really   Timeliness: recent   Fame factor: famous wolf   Story:  yes   Weirdness: its supposed to be dead   Conflict: could be   Discovery: Its alive   Usefulness: no   Other: its interesting
c. http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2015/02/grand_canyon_wolf_dead.html

Wk3 part B

1). Student complaints about the lunch menu have been taken into consideration, while the new menu is being planed. Before: 36  After: 18

2). Simulated air drills were held in American History to imitate the drills students in the cold war had to do to prepare for air raids. Before: 46  After: 25

3). To control tardiness socializing before class must be targeted states the dean.  Before: 23  After: 12

4). Because of numerous complaints and accusations the administration is discussing eliminating senior courtyard privileges.  Before: 42  After: 14

5). In a citywide seminar on Tuesday march 5 Juanita Sanchez  has been chosen to represent Byrnehurst school.  Before: 34  After: 17

Exercise 1A

1).  Students asked many questions about the new athletic club. Before: 12  After:  9

2). The team adviser Mr. Dale Swiggart offered practice quiz bowl sessions to prospective members. Before:16  After: 14

3). The Blazers played their first game of the season on a day with record high temperature. Before: 22  After: 16

4).  This spring the Dramatic club will be offering twelve parts for their play, Too late or too little. Before: 22     After: 18

5). If the upcoming levy is not passed by voters, the Byrnehurst Board of education will cut activities like athletics and music. Before: 28  After: 21

Wk2 vocab

Attribution Source – – source of info.

By-line –  place where author is stated

Caption –  a few words under a photo that tells you what the photos about

Column – newspaper blog

Editor –
main author

Editorial –
opinion page/article

Five Ws and H – the questions news people need to answer

Headline – the title

Inverted pyramid – article where important stuff is at the top, less important stuff on the bottom

Lead – The hook

X).Libel – offense stuff with no real purpose

Source –  place/person where you got information