WK6 Free and Open press

– Is it important that we have a free and open press Why/Why not?

Yes it is, the fact that we have the freedom of press stands as a symbol for how free we are. As a large nation some things are bound to go wrong so we leave it to the media to let us know when something does.

-What would happen if we didn’t have a free and open press?

If we didn’t have a free press we wouldn’t know when things went wrong we would be living in a false sense of security. The people would lose their voice.

-Would it be better or worse? Why/Why not?

It would seem better but it would actually be worse. The media wouldn’t talk about the bad stuff so we would assume that everything was fine, we would be under a blanket of false security while the government just got more and more corrupt.

-Would social media be different? How?

Yes, people wouldn’t be able to state their opinion any more, at least not freely. So people we look up to for standing up for what they believe in would be arrested for just that.



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