WK7 yes and no handout

  1. Yes, this is an important update for students to know about. This could change how long students could stay home from school and scene it involves the students the students have a right to know.

2. If the profane words were in a quote then maybe depending on how important the quote was, but if it was in the article its self then no I wouldn’t want any parents complaining about their children reading such things.

3. If it was a popular opinion then I would take a survey from students around the school and post the results along with the  most popular argument.

4. Once again if the opinion was a popular one then maybe, however if it was something just one student said then I wouldn’t.

5. Yes, I would take a survey asking students to vote for their favorite teacher and then post the results, this would encourage the other teachers to step up their game.

6. No on the c-17 movie but maybe on the  R rated movie

7. No, I wouldn’t want to encourage students to smoke or think that the paper supported smoking.

8. Not in those exact words but if I needed to place a poor review then I would because I would want to be honest.


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