WK8 Legal key terms

1.Ethics: A system of moral principles




2.Composite Characters: Fake characters created by journalists that resemble real people




3.Credibility: The ability to inspire belief and trust Loss of credibility can lead to losing sources and stories




4.Libel: Written defamation; damaging false statements against another person or institution that appear in writing or that are spoken (broadcast) from a written script.




5.Prior Restraint: The inability to hold oneself back




6.Objectivity: The ability to make fair, neutral observations about people and events




7.Right of Reply: The opportunity for permitting a person criticized in a story to respond to that criticism in the same story




8.Plagiarism: The taking and using as one’s own the writings or inventions of another person




9.Fair Comment: A libel defense to protect a journalist’s expressed opinion of public figures or reviews of books, records and the like




10.In loco parentis: The legal idea that school authorities act “in the place of a parent” and assumes a parent’s rights, duties and responsibilities.  This idea was stuck down in the Tinker case.




11.Forum Theory: The idea that once a forum (or place where ideas are exchanged) is created, the ideas expressed there cannot later be controlled.


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