WK9 hack haven


Highlight the passages you find especially riveting. Why?


  1. “Big Bad Bionic Boy”–used a computer at his high school library to hack into Jukt. He used a school computer to do so
  2. “Computer Insider, a newsletter for hackers, estimates that about 900 recreational hackers were hired in the last four years by companies they once targeted” Thats a large number, meaning its becoming more common.
  3. “According to Nevada officials, the boy racked up more than $32,000 in credit before he was caught–but the store wouldn’t press charges. It let him keep the money, then threw in a $1,500 shopping spree–all in exchange for showing them how to improve their security.” The  main reason that the law force has trouble stopping stuff like this is because stores or companies won’t press charges.
  4. Little wonder, then, that 21 states are now considering versions of something called the Uniform Computer Security Act, which would effectively criminalize immunity deals between hackers and companies–while imposing stiff penalties on the corporations who make such deals. It only states that they are considering it, it does not say that the law has been passed


What verification questions would you ask? What seems unbelievable or just too good to be true?

  1. Has the Uniform Computer Security Act been passed?
  2. How did they do it?
  3. Are the companies now succeeding?
  4. How many companies have hired hackers now?

Highlight every fact in need of checking.


Journalistic plagiarism / academic plagiarism. Is there a difference?

Yes, one is for profit while the other is for knowledge