WK9 trustworthy


 between 4-9 out of 10. This is because I am a teenager and there are some teenagers you cant trust, but there are also my friends who I can trust with almost everything.



between 5-7 out of 10. Teachers are people you can be pleasantly open with, but they are required by law to report anything drastic that they hear.

Financial Adviser

0 out of 10. I do not have a financial adviser because I am 14, therefore I do not need to trust them at all.

Child under 10    

2 out of 10. Those jerks can’t keep their mouth shut.



   3 out of ten. They are trying to get the secrets out of you so that they can get a story.


 Factory worker

1-9 out of 10. I do not know any factory workers but I assume their trustworthiness ranges on the person.


5-7 or 8 out of 10. Parents you can trust but they will judge you even if they say they won’t so don’t tell them anything to bad.



0-10 out of 10. If its medical you better tell them, if not its up to you





Real Estate Agent





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