Wk10 shattered glass


activity 3

  1. I agree with Kelly’s decision to stop the comma debate, as a leader he needs to protect those who work for him, even if it means risking his own job.
  2. I agree with Lane’s decision to not agree with it yet. He cautioned the competing newspaper but he was also wanting to be honest so he told the editor he wouldn’t comment on it, cause he may not have believed Steven but he also had no proof otherwise.
  3. I disagree with this decision, if someone does something once they’ll most likely do it again. It turned out that this was not his first time doing so as well and he was eventually fired.

Part 2

  1. An editor should try his best to defend his writers but just as he should defend them the writers should not do something purposefully bad. As long as a writer follows the rules and trys their best then the editor should be pleased with their efforts. I think Kelly should have known about Steven lying the moment he saw the fake website for jukemicronics

Activity 4

Part two

  1. I learned just how hard and how many people work to get even a single piece published. A lot of people work really hard and if even one false story is published it reflects on all of them and the whole magazine/newspaper is hurt.