WK11 critique

Story one:  Passenger kicked off plane in Chicago for allegedly poking snoring man next to her.

Website url: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/passenger-kicked-plane-chicago-poking-snoring-man-article-1.2188893

This story is actually really amusing. Its written to entertain the audience. The man in the story was stabbed on ta flight by the women next to him for snoring. I thought it was well written and to the point and they author was able to get a quote from the man being stabbed, he was very optimistic about the whole thing. This story isn’t political nor is it very relevant but it does amuse, which is most likely the reason it was written.

Story Two:  Visual voices: artists combine the verbal with the visual

Website url: http://democratherald.com/entertainment/arts-and-theatre/visual/visual-voices-artists-combine-the-verbal-with-the-visual/article_f6dda8c6-1d6d-5a37-b9ca-844839154e06.html

This article was most likely written to inform the public about the art exhibit. It was also a to the point story but as well as that they were able to get quotes from the artists. The article is relevant to people in Oregon, it was written in simple but not overly-easy words.



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