WK13 news story

Rose auditorium Spring Choir Concert

By, Trinity Mitchell

On Thursday April 9th all the South Salem High school choirs preformed their Spring Concert in the rose auditorium from 7:30-9:30pm, tickets were $3.00 each or $5.00 for two tickets, students got in for free. The concert consisted of four different choirs including the Symphonic choir which will be heading to state. The concert was delayed, but otherwise went on without any major problems.

The Southernaires choir went on first, they sang the songs “Georgia on My mind” followed by “A bunch of Blues”. Next the Bella Voce choir preformed “Gerakina” and “The poet sings”. Statesmen choir followed singing “The Turtle Dove and A Capital Ship”. Then came the Chanteuse choir singing “Les Berceaux”, “Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep”, and “High Flight”. Last but not least the Symphonic choir preformed a sight reading demonstration then sang “Nunc Dimittis”, “Tykus Tykus”, “Ballade to the Moon”, and finally “Way Over in Beulah Lan’”.

William Mclean, the South Salem high school choir teacher, commented on the performance, “I thought it was great, the concert gave everybody a chance to showcase chanteuse and symphonic choir, after a successful district choir.” Said the choir director.

Students had a lot to contribute, “It was a wonderful learning experience, and then after we sang, symphonic sung afterwards it was an enlighting experience as to what I could become.” Said Jasmin Cardenas member of the Bella Voce choir.


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