WK16 Student competition


Article title: U.S. Details New Efforts to Support Ailing Bees


I believe that the attempt to rehabilitate the honeybees and Monarch butterflies is a good idea. Bees don’t just make honey; bees as well as butterflies are a large part of the pollinating insect’s population. When they land to drink nectar they gather pollen on their legs and wing and when they land on a different flower they leave some of the other flowers pollen behind, this pollinates all the flowers allowing them to reproduce and grow strong.

But it’s not just flowers, without them a lot of the crops would have trouble reproducing, they could wither and die. This in turn could cause a food shortage affecting everything and everyone.

So the fact that their numbers are quickly decreasing is quite alarming. However growing more of their favorite plants would be a large help n bringing their numbers back up, and freshen up the landscape.

Though the population will take years to increase back to their former numbers they just need a little help getting there.

Trinity Mitchell

South Salem Highschool

Freshman, age 15

Salem, Oregon