WK17 Editorial Cartoon

What is the cartoon’s title or caption?

The caption says economic crisis


Who drew the cartoon?

Nate Beeler


When and where was it published?

The Washington examiner


What is familiar to you in this cartoon?

The Elephant and the mule, representing republicans and democrats


What questions do you have about this cartoon?

What does it mean that their both roasting marshmallows


Editorial cartoonists combine pictures and words to communicate their opinions.

What tools does the cartoonist use to make his or her point?

_X_ Humor

__ Caricature

_X_ Symbols

__ Stereotypes

__ Speech balloons

_X_ Labels

__ Analogy to another historical or current event

_X_ References to popular culture, art, literature, etc.



List the important people and objects shown in the cartoon:

The fire, marshmallows, Elephant, and donkey


Are symbols used? If so, what are they and what do they mean?

The fire is used to represent the economic crisis and how bad it is


Are stereotypes used? If so, what group is represented?

The republicans and democrats


Is anyone caricatured in the cartoon? If so, who?

Both Republicans and democrats


Briefly explain the message of the cartoon:

The cartoon is saying that even though there is a huge economic crisis, both parties are doing nothing to to help stop it


What groups would agree /disagree with the cartoon’s message? Why?

Anyone from either political party could find it offensive and disagree with it.


Do you think this cartoon is effective in its message?

Only a little


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