WK8 iPhone

I think the iPhone is/will slowly absorbing the rest of the media. It’s got apps for almost anything and it keeps adding more stuff to itself. This makes me think that soon there will be an iContact instead of an iPhone, because they keep getting smaller. I don’t think they’re gonna get much bigger though, it would make it harder for people to carry. I think that the iContact will happen within the next twenty years since we’re so close already. The iContact, I can’t wait!


WK8 Legal key terms

1.Ethics: A system of moral principles




2.Composite Characters: Fake characters created by journalists that resemble real people




3.Credibility: The ability to inspire belief and trust Loss of credibility can lead to losing sources and stories




4.Libel: Written defamation; damaging false statements against another person or institution that appear in writing or that are spoken (broadcast) from a written script.




5.Prior Restraint: The inability to hold oneself back




6.Objectivity: The ability to make fair, neutral observations about people and events




7.Right of Reply: The opportunity for permitting a person criticized in a story to respond to that criticism in the same story




8.Plagiarism: The taking and using as one’s own the writings or inventions of another person




9.Fair Comment: A libel defense to protect a journalist’s expressed opinion of public figures or reviews of books, records and the like




10.In loco parentis: The legal idea that school authorities act “in the place of a parent” and assumes a parent’s rights, duties and responsibilities.  This idea was stuck down in the Tinker case.




11.Forum Theory: The idea that once a forum (or place where ideas are exchanged) is created, the ideas expressed there cannot later be controlled.

WK7 yes and no handout

  1. Yes, this is an important update for students to know about. This could change how long students could stay home from school and scene it involves the students the students have a right to know.

2. If the profane words were in a quote then maybe depending on how important the quote was, but if it was in the article its self then no I wouldn’t want any parents complaining about their children reading such things.

3. If it was a popular opinion then I would take a survey from students around the school and post the results along with the  most popular argument.

4. Once again if the opinion was a popular one then maybe, however if it was something just one student said then I wouldn’t.

5. Yes, I would take a survey asking students to vote for their favorite teacher and then post the results, this would encourage the other teachers to step up their game.

6. No on the c-17 movie but maybe on the  R rated movie

7. No, I wouldn’t want to encourage students to smoke or think that the paper supported smoking.

8. Not in those exact words but if I needed to place a poor review then I would because I would want to be honest.

WK7 Critique

Article name: The worms inflating your limbs: The battle to eliminate elephantiasis
Link: http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/12/health/eliminating-elephantiasis-in-india/index.html

This article was very informative about not only the new treatment for the disease but also how its caused and how it works. They give you the life cycle of the parasite itself as well as where in the world it makes its home. It wasn’t quite relevant to me mainly because the disease isn’t in America at all. However it is well written and gets to the point. It gives a status about how it effects the economy as well.


WK6 piracy discussion

I normally access my music by buying them on itunes, so yes I do buy them, I don’t stream music and I’ve only been to one concert. People who make music for a living make most their money by selling their tickets or by promoting. Copyrights can cause people to lose their jobs and their money. I think they are pretty expensive and thats why people download them illegally, and the only thing I see changing is that more music will be illegally downloaded.

WK6 workshop 4a

  1.  ” The theme, Teens in touch” said Bill Ludlow, student council president, ” expresses the spirit of this year’s conference”.
  2. Ms. Sadie Lane, Council faculty adviser, stated that council members are serving kids’ favorites-pizza, and ice cream for lunch.
  3. Student Council president, Bill Ludlow, stated that the Byrnehurst Student Council originated the idea for the conference, and it’s members will serve as hosts.
  4. “Teens everywhere share the same problems.” Said Student council president Bill Ludlow, “This gives us all a chance to learn from each other”.
  5. Ms. Sadie Lane, Council faculty adviser, said “it’s a good idea getting better every year” while talking about the conference.