Exercise 1A

1).  Students asked many questions about the new athletic club. Before: 12  After:  9

2). The team adviser Mr. Dale Swiggart offered practice quiz bowl sessions to prospective members. Before:16  After: 14

3). The Blazers played their first game of the season on a day with record high temperature. Before: 22  After: 16

4).  This spring the Dramatic club will be offering twelve parts for their play, Too late or too little. Before: 22     After: 18

5). If the upcoming levy is not passed by voters, the Byrnehurst Board of education will cut activities like athletics and music. Before: 28  After: 21


Wk2 vocab

Attribution Source – – source of info.

By-line –  place where author is stated

Caption –  a few words under a photo that tells you what the photos about

Column – newspaper blog

Editor –
main author

Editorial –
opinion page/article

Five Ws and H – the questions news people need to answer

Headline – the title

Inverted pyramid – article where important stuff is at the top, less important stuff on the bottom

Lead – The hook

X).Libel – offense stuff with no real purpose

Source –  place/person where you got information



Wk2 Critique

The first thing about the article that I read is that the title has almost nothing to do with the article itself. Yes it does talk about strippers, but not once does it say anything about them going to Salem. The article itself only talks about how strippers are trying to get better conditions and are unionizing.  While the article did have some unneeded information in there it’s purpose to inform people about strippers working conditions and what the are doing about it, at least, gets through. Though some questions are left unanswered. Did they get there conditions? How are things going now? More plans for the future? The article doesn’t say, nor does it firmly grasp my attention. The writing style is simple, plain not bad but not really interesting either. It does peak interests a little but mostly it leaves holes, to big to care to fill.

The article I used:  http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2015/02/portland_strippers_head_to_sal.html#incart_river

Leading lines Picture questions

1)  Q:What are the leading lines in this picture?

A: The leading lines in that picture would be the peer’s wooden logs and the ship’s sail poles.

2) Q:Does this picture represent the rule of thirds effect?

A: Not really, if there was a focus point my guess is that it would be the peer. If it was then yes the picture would have rule of thirds in the upper right hand of the picture.

3) Q:What horizontal lines can you describe?

A: There is a horizontal line, it’s the water line. It is like a mirror reflecting everything back.